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News and Views of LimmudLA


Aug 21 Jewish Journal LimmudLA Fest: Less is More 


Sep 12 Jewish Journal LimmudLA Honors Founders 

Feb 1 Jewish Journal Ryan Torok gives Conference 2012 preview.


Feb 22 Jewish Journal gives initial thoughts on LimmudLA Conference 2011. "No single person can fully experience the variety and diversity of LimmudLA."

Jan 19 Jewish Journal showcases the role of volunteer presenters.


December 22, 2010: Julie Gruenbaum Fax at The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. prepares you for LimmudLA 2011 Conference.

Teen Highlights from Conference 2010 on You Tube Button 

February 16, 2010: David Suissa at The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. writes about "Seeds in the Wind" at the LimmudLA 2010 Conference.

February 16, 2010: Susan Freudenheim at The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. writes about the "Israel Problem" as discussed at the LimmudLA 2010 Conference.



November 25, 2009: The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. says "Eclectic Learning Comprises Limmud's Retreat."

November 19, 2009: LimmudLA featured on the Milken Wildcat Weekly broadcast (starts at 5:10 in the video).

July 8, 2009: The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. says LimmudLA is one of the organizations "transforming the experience of Jewish learning."

March 29, 2009: The Urban Man talks about LimmudLA on KCRW.

March 4, 2009: Yoni Arbel shares a teen's perspective of the LimmudLA Conference.

March 4, 2009: Shani Suissa discusses how to "Let Loose" at Conference

February 18, 2009: David Suissa writes about the 'problem' of LimmudLA

February 18, 2009: LimmudLA Fills 3 Days and Nights of Doing Jewish Right

February 16, 2009: The Los Angeles Times chronicles "an amazing weekend" at LimmudLA Conference 2009.

January 26, 2009: The Los Angeles Blueprint shows you how to get into your Jewish groove!



March 2008: Jewish Federation writes about LimmudLA's success!

Highlights from Conference 2008 on YouTube



December 20, 2007: The Jewish Journal gets a Taste of LimmudLA

October 27, 2007: Learn about how it all started (Limmud and LimmudLA, that is) from The Jewish Journal



September 7, 2006: The Jewish JournalLimmudLA in the works!