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Conference FAQs

Q. What are the hours of conference?
A. Pre-conference workshops start at 10:30 on Friday. Registration starts at 12:00 noon on Friday. The first session begins at 1:30 PM Friday. Conference wraps up late Sunday night. 

Q. How does the LimmudLA conference differ from other Jewish retreats?
A. LimmudLA's conference is designed to break down and transcend the barriers that exist in Jewish communal life. Our conference is not geared toward, or organized by, any individual segment of our Jewish community, but is transdenominational, multigenerational, and committed to an openness to Jewish exploration. Browse the programs from past conferences and see LimmudLA conferences in action.

Q. What types of sessions are available at the conference?
A. Participants can expect the broadest variety of opportunities to learn and explore Jewish culture, arts, practice, text, beliefs, and philosophy from traditional to progressive and everything in between.

Q. How does LimmudLA help new conference participants learn how to nagivate through so many choices?
A. Our conference planning teams organize introductory and community-building sessions to help veteran Limmudniks guide new participants in ways to maximize the LimmudLA experience.

Q. What type of programs will be available for children?
A. The LimmudLA annual Conference offers many programs for children of all ages, including learning sessions, sports activities, fun games, and arts and crafts. Designed to complement the adult sessions, programming for the younger set will allow children to make new friends and experience a unique Limmud environment under the supervision of experienced child care professionals, assisted by Conference volunteers.

Q. What is LimmudLA's policy about Shabbat and kashrut?
A. Our range of programming reflects the many different ways that Jewish people choose to celebrate Shabbat. In addition to programmed sessions, participants have the opportunity to attend a range of prayer services, to practice yoga or meditation, or to spend time with friends and family. Shabbat is observed in public places, our food is kosher (under supervision), and there is an eruv (a designation that we are within a single, "private" area) around the hotel property for those who would not carry things on Shabbat without an eruv being present.


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LimmudLA's 2012 Conference has been generously funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.